Todd Slater

Mixing my two passions - art and music - into a job.

I've just always felt that music was more important than anything else. All of this started in high school, growing up in the 90s indie/alternative boom. I think the attitude that many of those bands had resonated with me.

I took piano lessons as a kid and own a guitar now. But playing music just didn't stick to me the way art did. My big aha moment came in finding and seeing a whole world of artists creating work for bands they loved. It's the moment I figured out I could mix my two passions - art and music - into a job.

I jumped into printmaking full time in 2004 without really thinking about the risks associated. To say that you've chosen a career in art is a rare thing. The work is anything but steady for the few people who make prints for a living. I just did it and thought everything else would fall into place.

Awhile back Jack White contacted me because he wanted to buy a copy of my recent Bob Dylan print along with my Hitchcock Gallery 1988 print. I had included a reference to Jack in the Dylan print. It was great to know that he saw it and approved! I love the anonymous factor of being a gig poster artist. I'm close to famous musicians but in the meantime I'm never in the spotlights. I think it perfectly fits my personality. I ended up sending him #3 of both copies due to his obsession with the number. That was definitely a good day...

Todd Slater

Gig poster artist from Austin, Texas.

Tegan and Sara

The band has grown over the years, they have now spread their wings. The braid is a reference to childhood, innocence and the idea that the two (T&S) have grown up together. The metallic lightnings also represent growth. Designed by Todd.


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