Sandra Chevrier

I was doing craft with my son.

At the age of 14, I went to an art gallery, in Montreal. I was magnetically drawn to this painting, Detritus of Devotion, by Heidi Taillefer. I had a big rush of emotion, and spent 2 hours crying.

I guess I'm extremely fortunate to have a passion. Art is like a drug to me, I couldn't live without it. It's a cure, a way to free my mind, to liberate what I hold inside.

As a kid, I was always drawing, everywhere. At school, I was accused by my teachers of drawing on my table. I always denied it. But they knew it was me: "You are the only one that draws that well!".

I used to cook in a sushi restaurant. Five years ago, after my son was born, I decided to make the leap and become a full time artist. With a full time job and a kid at home, I just wouldn't have had enough time to draw. It was time for me to transform my hobby and passion into a job.

A few months ago, on a rainy day, I was doing craft with my son. I started painting with loose and heavy textures on some of my old drawings of women, which were very realistic, with very fine lines. I loved the contrast. It created like a cage trapping those women in society's preconceptions.

Then one day, I added superheroes to those cages. I had bought comics to cover an IKEA dresser. But in the process, the dresser broke. So I tried to include those superheroes in my paintings. The result was esthetically appealing, and made a lot of sense: society is asking us women to be superheroes, and traps us in that idea, like an invisible cage.

Sandra Chevrier

Painter and illustrator from Montréal.

La Cage et l'Esprit fertile de la Chauve-Souris

Latest piece of the series Les Cages by Sandra Chevrier.


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