Ross Moody

We are all just winging it.

I wish someone told me when I was growing up that we are all winging it. I thought my parents knew what they were doing. I always thought, "They know everything and one day I will too". But now I have friends that are parents and the truth is, I don’t think any of them has any clue what they're doing.

I was always looking for the concrete right answer like "If I do that, everything will be fine". But in fact, there isn’t anything like that, and I find it liberating to think we are all just winging it.

To me, life is all about enjoying the ride. Crafting things with my hands and making other people happy. That's what I try to do with all my endeavors. I don't want to push people to buy things or market at them and make as much money as I can... I just try to make items people enjoy and hopefully, they'll want to share it, too.

The Shot Glass Card is an example of this idea. I wanted to make something out of the ordinary. Make paper do something it isn’t supposed to. Prompt a moment of surprise and delight at having a card become something it isn’t typically supposed to be. Both the giver and the receiver get to enjoy the moment of surprise when they discover they are holding a card that becomes something else to help celebrate their occasion.

Ross Moody

Designer, letterer and entrepreneur.

Shot Glass Card

The perfect birthday gift that allows for immediate celebration, designed by Ross Moody. Sold in a pack of 6 shot glass cards. Each shot glass is assembled origami style and holds approximately 1oz (30 mL) of liquid without leaks for hours.


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