Miss Led

Our hard times define us, that's where the learning happens.

I drew like every day when I was a child. It made me proud, kept me excited. This huge part of my life disappeared for 8 years, when I took a break. It was a weird sensation to lose it and I thought I had to find something else, chase that thing that would be my next goal.

During that break I thought a lot about becoming an illustrator but there were lots of barriers. I had many doubts and questions like "Illustration is too competitive, there are too many people in that field." or "What if I can't afford a studio?" which stopped me from doing it.

That's when I began to coach myself. Everyday I woke up at 7am to write whatever was in my mind. I asked myself the questions and doubts I had and tried to find answers. Through doing that I gave myself confidence, objectives and goals. It really helped me.

I became more and more confident and started opening myself to people and talking about what I really wanted to do. That's how I found this live painting event, the one that changed everything, the starting signal of my career as an illustrator.

I remember everything about that day. I remember I was lacing up my Converse, feeling like I was going into a stadium. I was just about to work live in front of thousands of people and I was the only woman... It was the most terrifying time of my life!

I actually ended up being the first woman ever to win it! It was very significant. It boosted my confidence so much and made me feel energetic and high in a way...

Waiting for years, getting through lots of worries and tears, and finally ending up with amazing successes and jobs... I know that sounds a bit like a cliché but that's where the learning happens I think. The more you can move forward past the obstacles in your path, the more you can build yourself up. You become more resilient and you just keep fighting. I think that's how you've got to be in this industry.

Miss Led

Artist and illustrator in London.

Born Fighter

Limited edition of "Born Fighter" designed by Miss Led in 2014.


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