Kerby Rosanes

Love what you're doing and hold on to it.

Every artist has to find the style that represents him.

I didn't study art, but I tried my hand at many different things to find my own style.

I tried to do some comics when I was in college. I've always been passionate about comics and I collect them. But making comics isn't for me, it's too much work. Plus as an illustrator you sometimes have to follow the idea of the writer even if you're not comfortable with it, because he is the one writing the story, he is the one leading the project in a way. I also tried mural paintings and water color but I just got bored with it. None of those experiments worked with me.

What works with me is doodling, it's the subject that suits me the most. The style that represents me is just drawing animals, floral elements and fantastic characters with a black pen.

When I got my first job, art was still in me, so I started sketching on small sketchbooks at night and during my breaks. The more I posted work on my Tumblr the more my style and my name became popular! I was really astounded... It felt like people seemed to appreciate my work even more than I do myself!

On the side, I started doing more and more commissioned projects. That's when I realized that this thing—my drawings—could be something I could do forever and earn enough money doing it!

My colleagues were very supportive. They encouraged me to choose something I loved over something I had to do. Through this whole process, I was also very inspired by some great artists I know both local and abroad. They don't earn much, they don't promote themselves online but they are happy of the lifestyle they have right now. They gave me the advice I needed, they inspired me a lot, they encouraged me to pursue things I like.

I ended up making the leap in May, and I've been working at home since then. I'm so happy I did it! I'm happier everyday!

I used to be worried when I was younger, always asking myself a lot of questions about the future. At the time, my plans were just to graduate from college and find a job, that's it!

Looking back, I definitely have no regrets. I think all the things I've experienced in the past and the people I've met at some point helped me get to where I am today. So if I had to give advice to my 17-year old self, I'd say just go with the flow, love what you're doing and hold on to it!

Kerby Rosanes

Filipino freelance illustrator.


Limited edition of Coronation, designed by Kerby Rosanes.


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