Gabriel Moreno

Every morning, I get to draw with my favorite tool, pencil.

As a kid, I didn't pay attention at school because I was always drawing on tables and exercise books. I progressively came to realize that I had to transform this passion into a job. My job!

I went to university and studied art. At the time, you basically had two choices after graduating: become an art teacher or work in a gallery, that's it! But I wasn't very excited about that. During my last year, in 1998, I luckily discovered another option: freelancing... Obviously, I went for it!

But when I made the leap, things didn't go as expected. The illustration world was already very graphical. Everyone on the web was working with vectorial images on Illustrator. Nobody was using pencil but me because it takes a lot of time to create a single piece. It was a big issue because I didn't know anything about vectorial images... And pencil was my favorite tool! Every time I tried my hand at Illustrator the result was terrible.

I didn't want to use another technique, I wanted to use my technique. The one I loved. The one with real pencil. I decided to ignore vectorial and work with the techniques I mastered the most: pencil and watercolor. And over time, I've learned to overcome the dated look of the pencil, I've learned to make the same stains and the same lines you can do in Illustrator.

I think I've been lucky. Since 2007, me and my pencil have encountered all kind of successes. And, every morning, I get to draw with my favorite tool. It's just the only thing I've ever wanted to do.

Gabriel Moreno

Spanish illustrator, engraver and painter.


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